The F4 star called Miarra by some of its worldlings has two planets bearing intelligent life. As a result of a cosmic accident, these two worlds orbit each other. Takhmo, slightly smaller but much more water-covered, has multiple intelligent races: human, elf, dwarf, halfling, and others. Apsei, bigger but drier, has only trolls. Currently, after the fall of a technological culture on the planets, there are trolls in places on Takhmo (only where the rakka weed grows can trolls live, even though they are almost omnivorous.) Presumably there are humans and so forth on Apsei as well: no-one on Takhmo knows. In space a technological civilization has survived the dreadful events that led to the current situation on the planets. It co-exists in wary mutual distrust with the planetary-based psionic entities that the worldlings worship as gods.
The current party is based in Laurigyath, the capital of Hengistan on the north shore of the inland sea known as ArsinoĆ«. They are in the good books of the local Mages’ Guild, having retrieved a cache of major magical items from the tomb of the long-dead wizard Sornath. Further adventures in time and space may ensue…

Twin Worlds