Twin Worlds

End of an Era
final for now

Unfortunately this campaign party is officially defunct, as players have gone their separate ways. I hope to revive it sometime.

Adventures in Laurigyath
1 Rainstart

Samantha was approached today with a novel commission, to sing a song telling people some Zithlena story that is being recast as a play for showing in Tree season, at the Black Mask, yet!

B Rainstart
Apsei is fully dark near dusk today, thanks be given.

We learned more about the Sornega legacy from Kiét: it seems that the demon things guarding his tomb which caused us such grief can be summoned like any spirit, and for many sorts of tasks. She looked especially worried about this, but pretended not to be when we noticed…

3 Showers

Gostab capped his apprentice’s pride tonight—-he sent him off to Tanchit at the Temple of the Starkenner with a bowl of bespelled red wine and told him not to spill a drop. I understand this is the sort of task one sets a very young apprentice. Triklor was quite annoyed to be so treated, but I am not certain he learned his lesson, whatever that was.

5 Showers

Dear me. While at the Temple, Triklor fell in with an old drinking buddy and got into an amazing scrape. They followed a Harper Lady to her inn and nearly killed the concierge there. Havnek and Frankel had to post 500 guilders apiece to get them released.
p. Triklor has the idea that the Harper knows something about that strange death on the South Road a few days ago, the so-called “wild beast attack”: could it be one of Kiét’s demons?

6 Sunclimb (Earth, Stasis Wild-day)

The mayor of Danak ward finally had a son, and declared a two-day feast. I rejoice for him, but Earth Stasis Wildness: what a rune-trine to be born under!

7 Sunclimb (Earth, Stasis God-day)

Valassa is 27 years old today. Our little conclave celebrated with much strong drink, as is her tribe’s custom. It was late indeed when we wandered home.

8 Sunclimb (Earth, Motion Wind-day)

Something came for Triklor, just as Kiét’s reading foretold! We missed him in the morning, but assumed he was sleeping off his ale. When we went to wake him around noontime, we found his room a shambles, and his walls scored with magical blasts of several kinds: apparently he resisted whatever took him. His staff was gone too. Experts from the Mages’ Guild and the City Watch have come to investigate. We mourn his loss, for all that he was an arrogant cur much of the time. Gineth is inconsolable.

2 Sowing (Earth, Illusion Wind-day)

Apsei is full at dawn today. More carnage for us Healers to deal with.

4 Sowing (Earth, Illusion Water-day)

Zeydun would be celebrating his 27th birthday today. His rune-trine is even worse than the Mayor’s son, given that he is a desert-dweller!

D Sowing (Earth, Truth Fire-day)

Another marriage among the Temple folk. Havnek and Ilana are inclined to emulate them soon, I think…

Arrival in Skyfall City
E Sunstoop

We arrived at Skyfall City, called Laurigyath, about noon, and found quarters at the Sign of the Red Cow in the northwest quarter, and split up for our various errands. Apsei was dark at noon—a good omen?

F Sunstoop

We made ourselves at home in the city. An emissary from the Mages’ Guild came in the morning to collect us and put us up, at their expense, at the Sign of the Black Bear, a much better inn. They then received us royally at the Hall, and made us feel quite welcome.

2 Snowstart

The Mages were glad to accept the books and magicks from Sornath’s tomb. These tomes seem to promise many new spells, techniques and paths in sorcery, and esoterica too dangerous to tell of. I rejoice that I am but a servant of the Healer.

The Mages were quite happy to stand us to many weeks of training in exchange for Sornath’s effects. Triklor’s star in particular seems to be rising high, but occasionally Gostab his master is seen to look disapproving as the young journeyman carries on. Our liaison with the Guild seems to be Kiét, a sorceress young but self-assured withal: she seems to have familial ties to the Guild.
(little of note happened over winter.)
D Griffins

We celebrated my 26th birthday: at the festivities, a Star Sage of Henolith’s Temple told us of another party that had been butchered in the pass about E Frostfall, just a few days after our encounter with the Malevolence that Eyebright warned us about.

5 Sundim

(Water Season, Chaos week, Fireday as the Other Gods name it) Apsei was full just after midnight: the halls of the Star-kenner’s Temple were full tonight!

8 Snowdrift

Triklor’s 26th birthday today. His master Gostab gave him a matrix with a Heal 3 spirit bound in.

1 Stormwing

Triklor’s woman Gineth that he recruited (if that is the word for it) on the way here also had a birthday: she is but 19.

D Stormwing

Apsei was fully dark today. It seems that the trolls are less agitated when She is quiet.

4 Bloodgift

Ilana would be 26 today. I wonder how she and Havnek are faring.

9 Bloodgift

Speak of the wolf! Ilana, Havnek and Frankel arrived from Reshfagli, with ominous news of a troll god’s angry curse that was the reason for Ilana’s fabled clumsiness. (Usually ‘tis the troll’s god that is cursed, ha ha.). No wonder that a pair of the creatures attacked our party on the commons back in Three Gulleys, and the mad troll was so angry here.

5 Skyveil

Apsei is fully bright in the wee small hours—the watch was busy, bringing in two mad women, and reports of a trollkin gang.

5 Dragonbirth AR 1519

A marriage! The Star Sage I mentioned a few days ago has wed one of his acolytes. Many years, many children!

8 Dragonbirth

Brand Stormstalker would be 26 years old today too. We are all getting old.

Kiét, our liaison with the Mages’ Guild, looked worried today. She let slip that she had received “bad omens indeed” for the year to come, using a Sornega technique: invasion and death apparently will follow.

On the Road
5 Frostfall, AR 1518

I, Rhiannon the Healer, take up the tale. My entourage left Reshfagli at dawn today. Havnek and Ilana stayed behind, he to find a shaman, she to work with the Lightbringers; Frankel and Samantha also, he to study with Ennelath the Sage, she to sing scurrilous songs in all the taverns.

7 Frostfall

On the road we met and defeated a vampire.

8 Frostfall

Something terrible has occurred. Late last night—not long before dawn in fact—a huge red blotch appeared on the Face of Apsei, as though some power had wounded Her: and Her white veils shimmered from the blow. What does this portend? It cast a strange pall over our little celebration of Fruck’s fortieth birthday.

9 Frostfall

In the afternoon we hunted wild goats, and took much meat back to camp. Some power was at hand: our meat racks were toppled many times by unseen hands.

A Frostfall

Last night we all were assailed by uneasy dreams, so, as my ally Eyebright urged, we moved on, and thereafter slept soundly.

E Frostfall

Late today we reached the plains and could finally stow our mountain gear. We rested in the small town of Asit-shan at the edge of the foot-hills.

2 Sunstoop

Last night we encountered two great owls, Ghostwing and Greybars by name, allies of the Sómisen elves. They apparently recognized what we carried by the auras alone (I am amazed), and let us pass with the greatest of respect.

3 Sunstoop

We met some fauns while searching the forest for deadwood—what else should one look for in an elven forest?—and were calm enough to pause before taking them for broos. The fauns led us to a village of the Sómisen: these folk revere the memory of Sornath for his aid long ago, and were saddened that Havnek, who had occasioned our original expedition to his tomb, was not with us. They warned us about that the Tsendristani were quite bigoted about the Great Pantheon.

5 Sunstoop

Zeyd took his friend back to Ogdania: his god had warned him about a matter of family honour that he had to attend to. We wished him success in that endeavour.

6 Sunstoop

We made camp early, on advice of the Sómisen, to rest up for dealing with the Tsendristani borderers tomorrow. They said, “Think of it as trying to escape from a prison.”

8 Sunstoop

In fact it took us all day to “escape”. The borderers delighted in tormenting us over our beliefs, and sent us hither and yon to get permits for this thing and that thing: very time-consuming.

9 Sunstoop

We dined with a peasant family well over the border into Hengistan. They had just returned from the market in Lop Tsor. A proud and friendly lot, unlike the surly, fearful folk in Tsendristan.

A Sunstoop

Ha! We arrived at a crossroads, and there we met Samantha, riding hard to catch up to us. It was not clear from her report whether she had had a falling out with Frankel or the tavern-keepers, but in any case, the Mighty was still in Reshfagli with Ennelath, while Havnek and Ilana seemed to be studying magic and each other.

B Sunstoop

We stopped at a road house, and swapped our tale of the Blow to Apsei as seen from the mountains for stories of the Gods’ Weapons round about Skyfall City, and how they had smoked and glowed for days in early Frostfall. What is afoot?

C Sunstoop

We saw the Spears grounded about the city, and could well believe the tales of their activities!

Trek to Skyfall City
intro adventure

Fall, AR 1518

  • I, Haldir, gathered Ilana the Sage, Brother Fruck the rope-maker, Frankel called “the Mighty” (by himself…), the Amazon Valassa, the minstrel Samantha, and the journeyman sorceror Triklor, to raid the ancient tomb of the wizard Sornath. I believed I had the right to do so, having in my possession a map which I inherited from Reppax, a lineal descendant of the wizard.
  • …adventures ensued…
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