Twin Worlds

Adventures in Laurigyath

1 Rainstart

Samantha was approached today with a novel commission, to sing a song telling people some Zithlena story that is being recast as a play for showing in Tree season, at the Black Mask, yet!

B Rainstart
Apsei is fully dark near dusk today, thanks be given.

We learned more about the Sornega legacy from Kiét: it seems that the demon things guarding his tomb which caused us such grief can be summoned like any spirit, and for many sorts of tasks. She looked especially worried about this, but pretended not to be when we noticed…

3 Showers

Gostab capped his apprentice’s pride tonight—-he sent him off to Tanchit at the Temple of the Starkenner with a bowl of bespelled red wine and told him not to spill a drop. I understand this is the sort of task one sets a very young apprentice. Triklor was quite annoyed to be so treated, but I am not certain he learned his lesson, whatever that was.

5 Showers

Dear me. While at the Temple, Triklor fell in with an old drinking buddy and got into an amazing scrape. They followed a Harper Lady to her inn and nearly killed the concierge there. Havnek and Frankel had to post 500 guilders apiece to get them released.
p. Triklor has the idea that the Harper knows something about that strange death on the South Road a few days ago, the so-called “wild beast attack”: could it be one of Kiét’s demons?

6 Sunclimb (Earth, Stasis Wild-day)

The mayor of Danak ward finally had a son, and declared a two-day feast. I rejoice for him, but Earth Stasis Wildness: what a rune-trine to be born under!

7 Sunclimb (Earth, Stasis God-day)

Valassa is 27 years old today. Our little conclave celebrated with much strong drink, as is her tribe’s custom. It was late indeed when we wandered home.

8 Sunclimb (Earth, Motion Wind-day)

Something came for Triklor, just as Kiét’s reading foretold! We missed him in the morning, but assumed he was sleeping off his ale. When we went to wake him around noontime, we found his room a shambles, and his walls scored with magical blasts of several kinds: apparently he resisted whatever took him. His staff was gone too. Experts from the Mages’ Guild and the City Watch have come to investigate. We mourn his loss, for all that he was an arrogant cur much of the time. Gineth is inconsolable.

2 Sowing (Earth, Illusion Wind-day)

Apsei is full at dawn today. More carnage for us Healers to deal with.

4 Sowing (Earth, Illusion Water-day)

Zeydun would be celebrating his 27th birthday today. His rune-trine is even worse than the Mayor’s son, given that he is a desert-dweller!

D Sowing (Earth, Truth Fire-day)

Another marriage among the Temple folk. Havnek and Ilana are inclined to emulate them soon, I think…


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