Twin Worlds

Arrival in Skyfall City

E Sunstoop

We arrived at Skyfall City, called Laurigyath, about noon, and found quarters at the Sign of the Red Cow in the northwest quarter, and split up for our various errands. Apsei was dark at noon—a good omen?

F Sunstoop

We made ourselves at home in the city. An emissary from the Mages’ Guild came in the morning to collect us and put us up, at their expense, at the Sign of the Black Bear, a much better inn. They then received us royally at the Hall, and made us feel quite welcome.

2 Snowstart

The Mages were glad to accept the books and magicks from Sornath’s tomb. These tomes seem to promise many new spells, techniques and paths in sorcery, and esoterica too dangerous to tell of. I rejoice that I am but a servant of the Healer.

The Mages were quite happy to stand us to many weeks of training in exchange for Sornath’s effects. Triklor’s star in particular seems to be rising high, but occasionally Gostab his master is seen to look disapproving as the young journeyman carries on. Our liaison with the Guild seems to be Kiét, a sorceress young but self-assured withal: she seems to have familial ties to the Guild.
(little of note happened over winter.)
D Griffins

We celebrated my 26th birthday: at the festivities, a Star Sage of Henolith’s Temple told us of another party that had been butchered in the pass about E Frostfall, just a few days after our encounter with the Malevolence that Eyebright warned us about.

5 Sundim

(Water Season, Chaos week, Fireday as the Other Gods name it) Apsei was full just after midnight: the halls of the Star-kenner’s Temple were full tonight!

8 Snowdrift

Triklor’s 26th birthday today. His master Gostab gave him a matrix with a Heal 3 spirit bound in.

1 Stormwing

Triklor’s woman Gineth that he recruited (if that is the word for it) on the way here also had a birthday: she is but 19.

D Stormwing

Apsei was fully dark today. It seems that the trolls are less agitated when She is quiet.

4 Bloodgift

Ilana would be 26 today. I wonder how she and Havnek are faring.

9 Bloodgift

Speak of the wolf! Ilana, Havnek and Frankel arrived from Reshfagli, with ominous news of a troll god’s angry curse that was the reason for Ilana’s fabled clumsiness. (Usually ‘tis the troll’s god that is cursed, ha ha.). No wonder that a pair of the creatures attacked our party on the commons back in Three Gulleys, and the mad troll was so angry here.

5 Skyveil

Apsei is fully bright in the wee small hours—the watch was busy, bringing in two mad women, and reports of a trollkin gang.

5 Dragonbirth AR 1519

A marriage! The Star Sage I mentioned a few days ago has wed one of his acolytes. Many years, many children!

8 Dragonbirth

Brand Stormstalker would be 26 years old today too. We are all getting old.

Kiét, our liaison with the Mages’ Guild, looked worried today. She let slip that she had received “bad omens indeed” for the year to come, using a Sornega technique: invasion and death apparently will follow.


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